Industry / critical infrastructure

Etna stands for sophisticated special products in the protection technology sector. Numerous large German and international companies & organizations therefore trust the protection technology from etna protect. A first glimpse of our previous references in the field of industry and infrastructure can be found here.

50 Hertz

As one of four transmission system operators in Germany, 50Hertz is responsible for transporting electricity at the highest voltage level; at the level on which everything depends when it comes to network stability and security of supply in Germany and Europe.

etna provides the following services in the protected headquarters:

  • Room filter R 10 (10 pieces) including connecting and fastening parts, as well as duct filter F7
  • Annual filter maintenance and inspection

Power plants

The many years of expertise in the filtration of process air and the protection of control stations are also used here. Be it the planning and delivery of explosion protection valves or walls, highly effective adsorption filters to protect against technical gases or the use of CO2 filters in deionized tanks. We also supply activated carbon filters with iodine impregnation for decay systems.


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